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Brain power boost: ESPA Life at Corinthia

Our brain is our powerhouse. It controls how we think, feel and act. This in turn determines how healthy we are, how happy and how prosperous. To kick-start my brain, I visited ESPA Life at Corinthia London for the Brain Power Spa Day.

The Brain Power Spa Day is one of several day packages offered by ESPA Life at Corinthia. It is devised by the hotel’s neuroscientist-in-residence. Dr Tara Swart, who to boot is also a psychiatrist, Senior Lecturer at MIP, leadership coach and author.

As I walked up the steps to Corinthia London, overlooking the nearby river Thames, I was still feeling frazzled from five long days at Photo London, a global fair where I had been working down the road at Somerset House.

Five hours later, I left ESPA Life at Corinthia with body and mind calibrated, and ready to make the most of the amazing, fast-paced, global, digitalised world we live in.

We can change ourselves

Our brains are ‘plastic’: we can change how they are wired and how they work. That’s why mindfulness is so powerful, as it fine-tunes the brain.

Put this together with body work and you have the Brain Power Spa Day at ESPA Life at Corinthia, combined with a special Brain Power Menu, devised by Dr Swart and Corinthia London’s Executive Chef, Adriano Cavagnini.

As Dorothy Day, the American social activist, put it: “Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

You can read about the Brain Power Menu in my blog about my return visit, to prepare myself for the onset of autumn.

Corinthia London: 5 stars & river views

Corinthia London is one of my favourite hotels in the city. I feel relaxed and uplifted when I walk through the doors. Each time, I drink in the energising buzz, admire the floral decorations, and marvel at the Crystal Moon light with its 999 lights and one red light, a design by Paris-based Chafik Gasmi and produced by Baccarat.

Warm up to cool down

ESPA Life at Corinthia is located on four floors: with a Spa Lounge, men’s and women’s areas, a gym, and the Thermal Floor on the lowest floor, rooted firmly towards the centre of the Earth.

I worked my way through almost all the facilities on the Thermal Floor: vitality pool, swimming pool, sauna (with glass sides) and the ice fountain (fabulous sensation when combined with the sauna). Then I had a quick shower with ESPA products, and I was ready for my treatment.

The power of the circle

The treatment rooms at ESPA Life at Corinthia are circular… like the sun, the Earth and the Crystal Moon light in the lounge.

The rooms at the Sen Wellness Sanctuarywhere I had stayed in Sri Lanka, were also circular. The ancient belief is that the circle helps with the flow of energy, with no stagnant, forgotten corners. Urban planners are now talking about creating circular cities.

Treatment Room, ESPA Life at Corinthia

The round treatment rooms. Photo courtesy of Corinthia London

Bamboo massage

The Brain Power Spa Day treatment started with the therapist dabbing different oils on the back of my hand, one by one, for me to choose my favourite smell. This in turn is meant to be the one that you need the most. I chose the oil to soothe tired muscles (all that standing at Photo London) with Indian bay and clove bud oils, and lavender and sweet almond oil. The other oils detoxified, energised, revived, restored, soothed or nourished.

For the massage, the therapist rolled warmed bamboo sticks over my body. The sticks were of different lengths and thicknesses, as the unpredictability of the movements relaxes the mind. The Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian cultures believe in the benefits of bamboo, most importantly to bring prosperity, energy and sexuality.

On the body level, the massage is designed to rid the body of heat generated by toxins, and to promote circulation, lymphatic drainage and sensory nerve perception. The final touch is an energising scalp massage.


At the end of the two-hour treatment came the breathing: 3 in through the nose3 out through the mouth, followed by 4 in 4 out  and 5 in  5 out. This is designed to balance the brain.

The next step was to choose a colour. I chose indigo, incidentally the colour for the third eye chakra – the chakra that works on soothing the brain and linking it to the body. On each in breath, the therapist guided me through spreading the colour to a different part of my body.

I came out of the treatment feeling grounded, yet with a lightness in my upper chest and arms. That’s how I’d like to feel every day.

Brain Power mocktails

Afterwards I went for a Brain Power mocktail in the Spa Lounge.

I went for the Mox-ytocin – a cocktail of green tea, date syrup, mint leaf, lemon juice and blackberries, designed to boost levels of oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone – it’s what you get when you hug etc. I needed this, obviously, as this was what I chose, rather than the Serotonin Sling, designed to boost levels of the ‘happy hormone’.

Laurent-Perrier Champagne was also on offer. That’s what I love about this spa. It’s about wellness in style.

Mocktail, Corinthia Spa, London

All in the detail at Corinthia London

So many things to notice. The earthy colour palette soothes the brain.


5 things about our brain

Our brain:

  • Is the physical organ; our mind allows us to be aware of the world and of our experiences; and our soul is our essence.
  • Contains 85 billion nerve cells, or neurons, and absorbs 25-35% of the nutrients that we eat and drink.
  • Is our mental storage system, housing the same amount of information as in a quadrillion digital photographs (Source: Sebastian Seung in ‘Connectome: How the Brain’s Wiring Makes Us Who We Are’).
  • Makes one million new connections every second… this is how we store new memories, shape our personalities and learn new habits, as some patterns are reinforced and others lost (Source: New Scientist – ‘Introduction: The Human Brain’, September 4, 2006 by Helen Philips).
  • Needs 6-8 hours of good-quality sleep each night to clear our lymphatic system – the body’s waste clearance system. This will boost your IQ by 5-7% the next day (Source: Corinthia London).

sign, ESPA Life, Corinthia

Who’s the Spa Day for

The Brain Power Spa Day is a perfect day out to recharge, revive, whether alone or with a friend or two. For those staying overnight, there’s a special Brain Power Residential Package. For the day it’s £280, excluding lunch. That money can be repaid multiple times over if it means that you then take the right decision at the right time.

I’ll be back for sure. In the meantime, to help my brain stay fit & healthy, I plan to:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  • Do my breathing: 3 in 3 out, then 4, then 5.
  • Take a teaspoon of coconut oil each day.
  • Eat salmon, mackerel, sardines or herring at least once a week.
  • Switch to full-fat dairy products – the fatty acids play a role in gene expression and hormone regulation.


I was the guest of Corinthia London but this was a destination and an experience chosen by me. I would also like to give a special thanks to Mrs O Around the World for introducing me to Corinthia London.

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