To live is to experience…

As Roman philosopher Seneca wrote: “Everyone hustles their life along, and is troubled by a longing for the future and a weariness of the present.”


Life doesn’t have to be like that. Food & wine produced, crafted and served with passion offer us moments of reflection and connection, as well as little pleasures that add sparkle to our everyday lives. As does art.


Food & wine is also an art, requiring creative mastery whether the approach is innovative or ‘heritage’.


And like art, travel opens us up to personal voyages of discovery as we experience new terroirs and new cultures.

…to travel is to discover

Once back home, travel helps us to see our lives with extra colour… new visions open up possibilities as we take steps through new doors.


Sometimes it’s not a question of travelling far… within our souls, within a book, an artwork or to a new neighbourhood, as in my Gina’s London Jaunts.


Above all, for me, food, wine & art is about finding joy, & sharing those moments with friends, family, the world.


In my blog, I look to track down the best experiences, sharing transformational places with a touch of ‘edgy’ luxury.

Gina Power