Stone road curving round bend under blue sky

Discovering Castell’Azzara in southern Tuscany

I spent a month in August 2022 in Castell’Azzara, Southern Tuscany. I worked as a volunteer at ASHA, the Alchemy School of Healing Arts, just 2km outside the town centre. 

Castell’Azzara is a ‘mountain’ town perched on the edge of the Monte Penna natural park. It has seen its population plummet since the closure of the local mines. 

What remains is a town where the church bells still ring on the hour and half hour; where people still greet each other with a buongiorno or a buena sera; and where in the month of August a festival is held with fireworks and religious processions.

The people are warm and welcoming.  ‘Ciao Gina,” Michela would greet me each morning when I went to have my coffee in the bar.   And as for the pizzas in the local pizzeria… the best, especially the one with local truffles.

Through photography, my aim was to discover the town, and its surroundings, and the daily life  of its people, while preserving their intimacy, as I considered myself a guest in their space.

‘FORZA ZARA’, as they say on the football pitch.

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